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How did the accountant become an artist?

Let me introduce myself. I’m Karen Lefave 👋 A business owner, a mom, and a wife just trying to keep it all together.
Covid came into all our lives in 2020 and my life in particular paused.
It made it glaringly obvious that things can change at a moments notice.
Covid changed me. Like down to my core. My 150mph lifestyle suddenly had the brakes slammed on and I realized what was missing…balance. 
My 9-5 (which is more of an 8-8) consumed every aspect of life.
Mostly because I simple love my job but it was all I did and all I concentrated on.

The whole left brain/right brain thing amuses me as I’ve always seen myself in middle ground….An accountant with a love for the creative. The problem was I was living my life 95% in the left and 5% in the right. I needed to tip the scales. I’ve done other things to create balance in my life since Covid but The Honey Jones Collection was born from this recalibration.

It’s a Covid consequence. A creative outlet. A passion project.

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I enjoy creating them

Let’s see just how creative this accountant can get 🤩

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